Funky Classix Vol.13

We kick volume thirteen with What You Doin To Me from from Detroit DJ/producer Pontchartrain and his track What You Doin To Me which was released last summer (2017) on the Whiskey Disco record label.

Track two comes from one of our favourite DJs, Natasha Kitty Kat and her track Windy City that was released early this year (2018) on Midnight Riot.

Next up is the first of two records from the mighty Razor-N-Tape record label that is based in Brooklyn, New York. Feel The Rhythm by Deep & Disco which was originally released in 2012 and then re-released in 2015.

Woody Bianchi & Re-Tide - Changes is track #4, that was released in early 2017 on Cut Rec.

Next up Midnight Bumper by Phone D, a summer release on Footjob in 2016.

Our final Nu-Disco track in the mix is an anthem from last summer (2017) Just One by Body Music, which is the second track to be released on Razor-N-Tape on this volume of Funky Classix.

Good to see the scene is still going strong with some excellent new music being produced, hopefully everyone won’t jump on the bandwagon and ruin Disco music like they did in the late 70s.

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